Paleochora, Crete

Panoramic preview in Paleochora, Crete 25 August 2009
High above the ancient village of Paleochora, on the southwest peninsula of the largest Greek island....

Cocktail conversation at sunset in Paleochora, Crete 26 August 2009
A former violinist has no regrets about choosing a different profession

Wind to create energy, art, music, and friendship 27 August 2009
With photos of project participants by Julian H. Scaff

Panoramic view over Paleochora, Crete

Panoramic view from Cretan church in Paleochora, Crete

Anne Ku posing next to Cretan church bell in Paleochora, Crete

Robert Bekkers in Cretan church above Paleochora, Crete

Paleochora sunset
paleochora_sunset_480.jpg (click above for the larger 800x600 version)

Sunset at Paleochora
paleochora_sunsetted_480.jpg (click above for the larger 800x600 version)

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