Paris, France 14 - 19 August 2009

The marathon to Paris
conversation on a train from Utrecht to Rotterdam about marathon and music

Paris in one day
an action-packed day of Picasso, Pompidou, Notre Dame, Hotel de Ville, and a picnic on the Seine !

Music on canvas in Paris
Paintings of music, instruments, and musicians in the Museum of Modern Art at the George Pompidou Centre

Hotel de Ville, Paris The beach in Paris
paris_hotel_dville.jpg paris_strand.jpg

Isle of St Louis in Paris Stairs to flat in Marais in Paris
paris_strand.jpg paris_stairs.jpg

Notre Dame in Paris Anne Ku reflected in blue painting at the Museum of Modern Art in Pompidou Centre, Paris
paris_notre_dame.jpg paris_blue.jpg

Orange painting

View of Paris from the Pompidou Centre Outside the Pompidou Centre in Paris
paris_from_pompidou.jpg paris_pompidou_outside.jpg

Inside the Pompidou Centre looking out Painting of a score
paris_pompidou_outside.jpg paris_score.jpg

Painting of a man playing the violin Painting of sheet music
paris_violin_man.jpg paris_sheet_music.jpg

Painting of a violin Painting of piano and pianist
paris_violin.jpg paris_upright.jpg

Painting by Picasso Painting of table and guitar
paris_guitar_persons.jpg paris_table_guitar.jpg

Painting of a guitarist Painting of a man with guitar
paris_guitarist.jpg paris_guitar_man.jpg

Painting of guitar Painting of guitar in brown colour
paris_gitaar.jpg paris_guitar_brown.jpg

Painting of a guitarist


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