Various topics and places in the Netherlands

House concerts in the Netherlands, Madrid, Houston, etc.
An interview with a magazine journalist in Amsterdam prompted this blog entry

Guitar music in Ermelo, Netherlands
A day in the natural paradise of the famous Dutch forests

Risks in concert performances
Performers have to anticipate and manage different kinds of unexpected situations when they get to the stage

Background noise and foreground music
One of the risks musicians have to manage is unwanted noise that interferes with the performance

Risk management in concert productions
Producing concerts is risky business but it need not be if we borrow ideas from risk management

From Utrecht to Purmerend to Amsterdam with sunflowers
A day in the life of the piano guitar duo

Last stop on earth
A typical day performing in an elderly home

Concert in Bussum
Going back to where we used to live is not the same as performing to people we don't know

First visit to Muziek Centrum Nederland
Not all blogs are about concerts.

Utrecht, July 2006
After the first concert in the Monument House Concert Series

after first Monument House Concert Series, Utrecht July 2009

Amsterdam, July 2009

Sunflower painting by July 2009 Rob van Veggel
sunflower_425_rvv.jpg (link to larger painting)

Deventer, August 2009

Steinbeck upright piano in Deventer, August 2009

Buitenhof, Amsterdam August 2009

Before going on stage in Buitenhof, Amsterdam August 2009 Bekkers in the dressing room in Buitenhof, Amsterdam August 2009
stage_from_back.jpg dressing_room.jpg

Posing after a concert in Buitenhof, Amsterdam August 2009

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