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Lan Chee Lam, composer

Lan Chee Lam
(b. 1982)

Born in Hong Kong, Lan Chee Lam's music often combines traditional Chinese and contemporary Western techniques, exploring new dimensions of the sound world. Her works have been performed in Hong Kong, Canada, United States and Italy. She is currently pursuing a DMA at University of Toronto.

Drizzle, as in light rain, makes use of guitar harmonics and the insides of a grand piano. There are pentatonic passages which make the piano sound like a Chinese instrument.

Lan Chee Lam

Drizzle (2007)

Lan Chee Lam, Anne Ku, and Robert Bekkers, July 2007
From left: Lan Chee Lam, Anne Ku, Robert Bekkers after premiere of "Drizzle" at Cortona Contemporary Music Festival, Sala Beato Angelico, Hotel Oasi, Cortona, Italy, July 2007

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