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"Playing with a pianist requires precision in timing and tone quality because the guitarist needs to play loudly most of the time. The real challenge is not to beat the piano but to be with the piano. You're not trying to be another piano but to retain your authentic colour. The guitar has six nylon strings on a wooden construction compared to the piano which has over 200 steel strings on an iron frame. The trick is to blend not to compete with the piano."

Robert Bekkers, guitarist


"The piano and the guitar have versatile roles as excellent solo instruments and popular in accompanying voice or other instruments. They can be percussive, harmonic, and melodic. Given the great versatility, it is surprisingly not easy to play together. The pianist has to exert tremendous control over dynamic expression, from the very very soft to the very very loud. Because the textures of the two instruments are so different, it's easy to spot mistakes if they are out of sync. There is only one solution to playing well together ---- lots of practice. The duo sound also depends on the acoustics of the room."

Anne Ku, pianist


Mayor of London Ealing with Anne and Robert
Mayor of London Ealing Borough after debut concert, 30 May 2003

Feedback from audiences and readers,
Concertblog, 26 April 2009

Feedback from concerts and radio shows in Houston, Texas and Maui, Hawaii in December 2007

The intimate recital presented by Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers enchanted its audience from beginning to end. Their commitment to the fascinating repertoire ....Adam Tendler

Reviews and comments from guestbook, "Duo for Export" Monument House Concert Series, Utrecht, November 2007

Selected comments from youtube.com

Absolute togetherness again with some very intricate and romantic tempo changes, a great pleasure to hear! Peter Murphy, London

It is really good to have some piano and guitar music on Youtube - I rarely see this combination in concert. Phillip Sear, Haywards Heath England

Good, it takes much technique and musicality to play with a pianist; they're great sight readers. Guitarists, on the other hand, tend to memorize everything. Good job!

Very nicely played. Made me think of romantic times gone by....great duo!!

Selected comments from London concert May 2003

"Music is something one can only do with their heart. You've got such a big heart and there's so much music in it."

"You cultured and fed a community for free! And it was acknowledged by the community leader. You should feel complete! You have invented and done something huge and significant!"

"Your performance has reached an international level. Do keep up the good work."

"The concert was extremely enjoyable for both performances, very relaxed environment, location and easy to get to. It was obvious that you both enjoyed giving the concert."

"The programme was carefully balanced and thought out, the playing extremely polished and well prepared. We particularly enjoyed the works for combined piano and guitar."

"A privilege to be here on a night of inspiration and hope."

"The highlight of my summer entertainment."

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