Piano and Guitar

Robert Bekkers

Robert Bekkers
began his music education from a very young age with the recorder, French horn, and trumpet before settling on the guitar at age 12. He plays a 2005 Jeroen Hilhorst concert guitar, custom-made for his piano guitar duo with Anne Ku.

Anne Ku

Anne Ku
started on the piano at age 8 in Okinawa, Japan, where she became very active as accompanist, band keyboardist, and organist. She obtained her Bachelor of Music in Composition from the Utrecht Conservatory in the Netherlands in 2008.

Naeon Kim, violinist

Naeon Kim
began taking violin lessons from the age of 3. He was a guest performer at the "Duo for Export" Monument House Concert in November 2007. Anne, Robert, and Naeon are performing several trio pieces in chamber music concerts in 2008.


Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers in Amsterdam, 2007
Photo credit: Olaf Hornes, Utrecht Conservatory 11 November 2007

Piano, Guitar, Violin

Ding Dong Merrily on High

arranged by Anne Ku for violin, guitar, piano trio

lyrics & history

Recorded by Dennis Kersten

Boesendorfer Grand,
Room K108, Utrecht Conservatory


PDF scores for violin, guitar, and trio


  • Paul Richards (b. 1969) Falling on Lobsters in the Dark (2003)
  • Paul Richards (b. 1969) Cypriot Structures (2003)
  • Gijs van Dijk (b. 1954) Rendering 7 (2008)
  • Jacob ter Veldhuis (b. 1951) Trio (1990)
  • W.A. Mozart (1756 - 1791) Adagio from Piano Concerto K488
    arranged by R. Bekkers for the trio (2008)


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