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Every concert was unique and supported by passionate volunteers who arrived early, stayed late, prepared the food and drinks, and assisted in making our guests feel at home. A big thank you to Rob for savoury devilled eggs, Allan for crunchy home-made cookies, Ortencia for the delicious Peruvian meatballs, Linda for tiny muffins which the children loved, Brad & Kristen for their help all day Saturday, and Elea for everything else.

Thanks to Carol Ruiz Gandia for giving us a preview of her forthcoming December solo concert in Spain, this being her third performance at the Monument House. The children were greatly entertained by the Korean violinist Naeon Kim, his debut at the Monument House Concert Series.

Finally we thank everyone who donated, bought Monument House Concert beer mugs (9 sold), and chose to spend their Friday and Saturday at these house concerts. Special thanks to those who have come to every concert (Bert, Emily, Paulus, and Elea) to support our efforts to introduce our music to the community.

Plelase visit again for our reflections, updates and photos. Awaiting Bon Journal entry!

Last updated: 19 November 2007


    23 guests

    + 4 volunteers

    + 2 performers


    Total donations:
    235 euros

Friday 16 November 2007 @ 20:30
with four composers in the audience



  • home brewed beer to sample
  • red and white wine
  • Heineken beer on tap
  • coffee, tea, orange juice
  • devilled eggs with anchovies, capers, and chives
  • Papa rellena: deep-fried Peruvian meatballs in potato-flour pastry
  • home-made cookies
  • Spanish, Dutch, Italian sausages
  • various cream cheese spread on toasties
  • cheese balls



A very inspiring day, Marga, Utrecht

We enjoyed your concert very much and hope to be back next time for your sunny garden concert!
Annemarie & Robert Jan, Annemarie & Koen, Bussum

We hebben genoten.
Ab & Pauline, Hoofddorp

It was a special evening and we enjoyed the music a lot and exchanged nice conversations with your guests. Thanks! Caroline & Edwin, Utrecht

I enjoyed your concerts again and will be here next time. Bert, Hoofddorp

Thanks for inviting me. I'm so glad I finally heard you live. Thank you! Thank you!
Iris, Utrecht

Ik heb genoten van de muziek, als ik jullie hooroefenen tijdens mijn werk klinkt al week belovend. Alleen maar zitten en luisteren naar jullie muziek is fantastisch! Gann een volgende keer.
Roland, Amsterdam

You really got into the "groove"!
Allan & Rob, Amsterdam

Very nice concert! Thank you so much. I hope my boyfriend Gijs will compose a beautiful piece for you.
Jeny, Amsterdam

I really appreciated the music you played and I do like very much your interest in developing new pieces. So there are some good reasons to start your composing a new work for you two soon.
Gijs, Amsterdam

Thank's again for the wonderful evening! I enjoyed it very much, music and food were delicious. Wonderful concert, sweet people ;)
Heleen, Amsterdam

We enjoyed the music very much! Nice toilet! Thank you for this very nice evening.
Linda & Dennis, Hilversum


    30 guests

    + 3 volunteers

    + 5 performers


Total donations:
450 euros

includes payment for
5 beer mugs

Saturday 17 November 2007 @ 15:30
children welcome


  • Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829), Rondo in B minor
  • Fernando Carulli (1770 - 1841) Variazione Sopra un Tema del Flauto magico di Mozart by Beethoven, op. 169
  • Federico Moreno-Torroba (1891 - 1982) Sonatina
  • guest performer: Carol Ruiz Gandia, piano - Chopin's Nocturne, Manuel de Falla's Fantasia Baetica
  • intermission
  • guest performer Naeon Kim, violin with Carol Ruiz Gandia - Brahms' Scherzo
  • Lan-chee Lam (b. 1982), Drizzle (2007)
  • Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895 - 1968) Fantasia
  • guest performer: Elea Bekkers, soprano
  • Ding Dong Merrily on High for violin, guitar, piano, (arranged by Anne Ku)


  • home brewed beer to sample
  • red and white wine
  • Heineken beer on tap
  • coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice
  • Italian, Spanish, Dutch sausages
  • crisps
  • various cream cheese spread on toasties
  • Japanese rice crisps
  • cheese balls

Wij vinden het heel leuk! Bedankt!
Noah, Isis, & Karin, Bussum

Dank voor de uitnodiging. Veel succes met jullie concerten op reis! Dat jullie maar weer met veel inspiratie terugmogenkomen. Wij komen graag weer en keer luisteren! Erik & Janine, Laren

Geweldig concert. Bedankt!
Huub, Uttrecht

De WC is mooi. De muziek is prachtig, en het bier is heerlijk! Onno, Nieuwe Vennep

Tahnk you for the wonderful music!
Orla, Finnuola, Ita, Utrecht

Great Concert! A presto!
Marco, Utrecht

Judith & Paul, Bussum

Een geweldig huisconcert. We vonden het erg leuk en moooi.
Paul & Raynor, Hoofddorp

Het concert was fantastisch! Veel variatie. Goed muzikanten en de zangeres vonden wij natuurlijk formidabel, maar dat snappen jullie natuurlijk wel.
Jan & Carien, Bergeyk

    9 guests

    + 2 volunteers

    + 3 performers


    Total donations:
    150 euros

    includes payment for 4 beer mugs

Saturday 17 November 2007 @ 20:30


  • home brewed beer to sample
  • red and white wine
  • Heineken beer on tap
  • coffee, tea
  • crisps
  • various cream cheese spread on toasties
  • Japanese rice crisps
  • grilled chicken drumsticks

Music is an art which is a gift to only few. I am glad to meet a couple who is blessed with such a great art within. Neetika & Kaustubh, Huizen

As always a great concert, the only question is, when is the CD coming out? Can't wait till the next one! Brad & Kristen, Utrecht

We just loved it tonight. It was wonderful to hear you play on our "beloved" Steinway. Thank you!!
Dicky & Lies, Bilthoven

Thanks a lot. I had a very good time. Next time I'll take Rob with me. Good luck!
Jacquelien & Lars, Zoetemeer

I had a lovely time listening to the both of you! Good luck in the States.
Suzanne, Utrecht

Bedankt voor weer een gezellige avond.
Emily & Paulus, DeMeern Utrecht

Robert Bekkers

A graduate of the Conservatory of Maastricht, Robert Bekkers also studied contemporary music with Angelo Gilardino in Italy. While accompanying flamenco dance classes, Bekkers formed the group "IMPETU" consisting of 9 musicians and dancers, mixing flamenco and classical music. He has toured with Serenata Mexicana, Amstel Guitar Quartet, and Berdien Stenberg Orchestra. Since 2001, he and pianist Anne Ku have taken their Piano Guitar Duo to London, North Cyprus, Cape Town, Italy, and throughout the Netherlands. Active as a soloist and ensemble musician, Robert plays a 2005 Jeroen Hilhorst concert guitar, custom-made for the duo. His performance engagements are listed on his website at

Monument House Concert Series was founded in June 2006, out of the desire of Robert Bekkers and Anne Ku to share their private space and musicians network with others. The American violin and guitar Duo46 were the first to perform in the Monument House Concert Series in July 2006. Since then, numerous musicians have brought their instruments (violin, cello, harp, recorder, flute, voice, euphonium, and guitar) and shared their music with the audience.

Anne Ku

Born in Brunei of Chinese parents, Anne Ku studied piano under Betsy Hermann in Okinawa and Randall Love at Duke University. She began accompanying choirs from age 12, followed soon after by wedding engagements as pianist and organist. A graduate of London Business School, she brings her passion for organising thematic house concerts from Houston and London to the Netherlands. Anne is currently finishing her composition studies at Utrecht Conservatory while writing didactic music and educational articles for her private piano teaching practice. Her ensemble piece "All Tuned Out" performed at the Vredenburg concert hall in Utrecht was recently broadcasted on Dutch Radio 4. Her music, writings, event listings, and reader feedback can be accessed from her website at

Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers formed their PIANO GUITAR DUO in 2001, reviving this almost forgotten tradition of music making. This once favourite pastime of bringing together performers, composers and enthusiastic audiences has left a largely untapped legacy of published music specifically written for the piano and guitar. Using modern instruments, the duo has already inspired original music for piano and guitar, expanding the existing repertoire with exciting new possibilities. more....